Cutting edge of world science in particle physics and space research

Key area

Matter and the Universe

The University conducts cutting-edge research in theoretical and empirical particle physics, the formation and development of planets and planet systems, and the search for life in space. In 2021, the University of Bern showed Switzerland and the world what it can do and its achievements in these areas:

  • After two years in the Earth’s orbit, the CHEOPS space telescope has exceeded expectations.
  • It could be a milestone on the way to detecting life on other planets: Researchers have succeeded in measuring a central molecular property of all living things several kilometers above the ground from a helicopter.
  • The NASA DART mission was launched in 2021: A space probe is to collide with an asteroid to deflect it from its orbit. Researchers from the University of Bern are also involved in this undertaking.
  • However, initial results from the international MicroBooNE Collaboration, in which the University of Bern is also involved, give no indication that what are referred to as sterile neutrinos actually exist. Thanks to this important zero result, the researchers can now investigate further hypotheses.