2021 at a glance

At a glance

Science under pressure.

Flaggen der Schweiz und der EU

As a center for academia, Switzerland is currently facing a number of tough challenges, not only in connection with the pandemic but especially as a result of the failed framework agreement between Switzerland and the EU. Cooperation with other academic institutions in Europe, in particular, is immensely important to the success of the University.

Competitiveness seriously jeopardized.

Hochschulzentrum vonRoll

For the University, the current delays in infrastructure development constitute a huge challenge. Without a long-term plan and the certainty this brings, the University’s performance is in serious jeopardy.

Presence at the University is essential.

Berner Studierende am Welcome Back-Anlass zum Herbstsemester 2021

The year’s biggest highlight was the return to in-person teaching in the fall semester. Direct contact between students, teachers and researchers is indispensable for critical analyses of knowledge and networking.

More students.

Berner Studierende am Welcome Back-Anlass zum Herbstsemester 2021

The University has continued to grow and now boasts a student body of 19,441 including continuing education. In the future, they will benefit even more from digital tools incorporated into classroom teaching.

Successful accreditation.

Hauptgebäude der Universität Bern

Another major achievement for the University of Bern was its successful accreditation by the Swiss Accreditation Council, which was granted without any conditions.

Creative, successful research.

Forschender der Universität Bern bei der Arbeit

Researchers at the University of Bern adapted to the volatile conditions of the pandemic to release outstanding publications, attract external funding and win prestigious prizes and honors. To do so, they need a framework that applies regardless of the zeitgeist and independent of the mainstream.

Promoting equal opportunity.

Aktion für Chancengleichheit im Kuppelraum der Universität Bern

The University of Bern aspires to promote equal opportunity at every level and to that end has expanded the topic of equality in its action plan to include other issues such as age, origin and sexual orientation.